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We all often find ourselves searching for information on Google. In fact, the search engine has become our "parents" that we go to with every question that comes to our mind. Sometimes we look for a type of service, sometimes a product we want to buy, sometimes it's information about a specific company. No matter how you look at it, since Google was founded in 1998 to date, its goal has been to provide users with the reliable and relevant information they need and answer nearly all of our questions.

We've chosen to write you a comprehensive SEO guide that will provide you with professional information on everything you need to know about SEO - organic promotion. It's important to understand that despite the many changes Google makes and incorporates various elements into its algorithm, the basic things still haven't changed.


Website Promotion Guide – Who Should Read One?

1. Anyone who wants to get relevant information about organic SEO.

2. Anyone who builds a website and wants to understand how it works in terms of the promotion process.

3. For every site promoter at the beginning.


SEO Guide - the beginning of the beginning

When starting the whole website promotion progress, and it doesn't matter if it is an e-commerce store, image site or price comparison site, you must do keyword research. Keyword research is a must in any organic or sponsored promotion process. The purpose of this study is to give us the information about what our target audience is looking for, how much it is looking for, when and in what form. The research also helps us understand the relevant phrases and keywords for our competitors. Keyword research also takes into account the whole topic of the budget and the level of competition that we know about what we really invest in and what less or not at all.

Investing in quality content with added value to the user

When we invest in promotion, especially in organic promotion, we must also invest in a quality content. Quality content incorporates interesting posts, professional guides, videos and pictures. This is why we see so much traffic between sites by external links alongside a category of blog or articles. Google loves websites with good infrastructure. In addition to researching keywords and investing in quality content on our site, the site must be professional and based on good infrastructure. What does it mean for good infrastructure?

1. Quality storage that will allow the site to load quickly.

2. A quality management system that allows us to edit when and how we want.

3. References.

4. And more…


Website Promotion Guide - What About Links?

There is hardly any article or web post that will talk about SEO and will not include the whole topic of links. External links linking to our site are one of the strongest and most significant elements in the process of organic promotion. Google sees an external link as a recommendation, which means the more external links that link to my site, the more people recommend it. The question is how do I know how many links I need to create or more correctly how many links I need? The answer to this question is a bit complex and it is very dependent on the level of the sites competition.

This means, when it comes to sites with a very large competition, it is a big must to create a great mass of external links. How do I make links? Usually through collaborations with promoters or site owners. You can get free links in exchange for articles and there are also paid links.


Website Promotion Guide - What about Website Optimization?

 What we mean by optimization is that we constantly take action to help improve the pages of the site in accordance with Google's guidelines and criteria. Good optimization includes lots of criterias such as setting the headlines and descriptions correctly on all pages of the site, improving the site's speed, checking that the site meets all the technical criterias, increasing the site's CTR, building the categories correctly and hierarchically, correct code, mobile fit, Site branding and more.


Basic actions that every publisher must know about SEO

The first thing you want to do is change the headlines and descriptions of the phrases you would like to promote on Google, under the same phrase you found. Let's say we want to promote the phrase lawyer in New York. The phrase itself must appear in both the headlines and the description itself. In this way, we basically allow the surfer to realize that he has actually come to a relevant place that provides him with relevant information according to what he was looking for.

The other thing that is super critical in a website promotion process and it has been something we mentioned before is the whole topic of content. Google's expectation is that every site doesn't matter if it's a locksmith site, a News or a store selling sports equipment will cover the subject as much as possible from as many angles as possible. Original content, up-to-date content, relevant content - that's exactly what we're looking for when we talk about SEO. It is very important to invest in content that is relevant to your topic or field. That is, if you are engaged in designing kitchens, the surfer will want to see photos, videos, raw materials and prices, but if you provide professional information on the medical field and a surfer is looking for information on an orthopedic problem, for example, he will want to get as much information backed up with expert knowledge, data, statistics, Modes of treatment and so on. This means, I always want to incorporate the information relevant to my field while examining what already exists and what I need to add.


A Fast site – have we mentioned this before?

Always put yourself in the shoes of your surfers. If you come to the site after you have done some searching and you find that the pages you browse do not load quickly, it is likely that you will soon abandon this site and move to another site. Surfers do not have the patience to wait for sites to load not on a computer, not on a tablet, and certainly not on a smartphone. To be promoted on Google, you must make sure your site is fast. How to do it?

The first thing you need to do is make sure the images on your site are small. Not visually small, but small in size. The second thing that can contribute to site speed is the whole issue of storage. The site sits in some storage with some storage company. Be sure to check how close your storage company is to your target audience
. If the site is stored in the US and the target audience is in the same area, then everything is good but if your target audience is in the UK, and the server is located overseas, the site will take longer to load. The last thing you need to do to get your load pages to load faster is to use optimized website building platforms.

In summary, the whole topic of SEO is a very dynamic,
a very diverse field, it has a lot of very subtle issues that we have to be proficient at. Whether it is better to promote our site ourselves or to use an external promoter or an outside company which is really good at what it does depends greatly on the amount of time you have, the level of competition your site has to deal with, the knowledge you have and the ability to study the domain in depth and make the necessary changes. We advise you to study the topic every few months and change according to Google.

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