How do I create a website?

With YeshBe it’s easy to create, design and manage your unique website

With YeshBe it’s easy to create, design and manage your unique website. We’re here with you every step of the way, start today!

Follow these steps and start creating

1. Pick a website that suits your needs

2. Check out our free features

3. Upload your sites content

4. Social media platforms

5. Managing your great website

6. Connecting your domain

7. Publish your website online


1. Pick a website that suits your needs

YeshBe offers a great free website building platform. We provide a wide range of types of website categories that you can choose from. All you have to do is pick the one that suits you, whether you have a business, blog, online store, restaurant, music and more. We have what you need. Start today and create your website! It’s quick and easy!

Choose a template layout and design

After you have chosen your website type, now you are ready to pick a template layout that suits your needs. YeshBe gives you the freedom to edit and change different element’s. make your website yours, make it unique.


2. Check out our free features

Now that you have picked the type of website you wish to build, picked your desired template, it’s time to check out our great free features. YeshBe has made these tools easy for use, and you get to make changes at any time throughout the process. 

change Pages

this tool allows you to edit and add any page at any time.

Sort Out Pages

Make sure you arrange your pages to make it easy for viewers to access.



Add Media

Add images and videos to your website with ease.

Design Tools

It’s easy to make your own website with our great web design tools. With a few clicks you can design your own unique website.

Pick Fonts And Choose Colors

YeshBe offer you a great collection of fab free fonts for you to choose from. Make sure you pick the font that suits what you are promoting. YeshBe offers a free pre made color pallet for your use.


3. Add Your Personal Content

Your Homepage

Make sure this page represents what your website is about. Create this page well as it is the face of your business, blog, online store and etc.

About Us

This page should let viewers know who you are and what your goal is. Help people learn about you, fill this page with information about your website.

Selection of Page Types

Choose the website pages that suit your needs, if you own an online store, music website, own a restaurant and more. Our platform offers you pages that are designed to help you create your great website.

4. Social Media & Contact Us

Contact Form

Create a contact form. This can help your website visitors get in touch with you and help you receive information about your website visitors.

Social Media incorporation

This is a great way to add your social network links and help promote your business.

Mailing List

This tool helps you stay in touch with your customers, and gain new ones on the way. A mailing list is easy to use and helps you reach out to a large number of people at the same time.  Don’t forget to offer your customers to sign up!



Add Google Maps

Use Google maps on your contact page to help visitors know your business location.


5. Manage Your Website

Create A Blog

Creating a blog will help promote your website, this great online marketing tool with bring in more viewers and more customers. You can use this platform to keep your customers updated about changes, new stock, pictures and more.

Create an Online Store

YeshBe offers its customers an easy to create online store, full of super tools that will make your store professional and efficient.

Create a Schedule

Add a scheduling system to your website, this will help you keep on top of appointments. YeshBe allows you to make reservations for your services online quick and simple.


6. Connect Your Domain

Domain Management

YeshBe allows you to make and manage your own domain name. this is the place for you to manage your own domains DNS records.

Add Existing Domain

With YeshBe you can easily connect an existing domain that you own to our platform. This will allow your former visitors to keep on accessing your new domain name.

Search New Domain Name

YeshBe allows you to search on its domain name generator to search if a domain name your want is free to use.

Free Help Connecting Domain

YeshBe offers to help connect your domain for free, just inform us by clicking on the “help me connect” button and we will set everything up for you.

Redirect New Domains

This tool will allow you to have more than one domain that all lead to one website. This will help send anyone that enters any of your domains to your prime website. This redirect tool is great for bringing more traffic into your website.



7. Publish Your Website

Publish online

When you have finished creating your website you’ll need to publish it to make it be seen online. Just press the “Publish” button that is in your editor panel and you are done.


After you have finished creating your beautiful website and have pressed the publish button, you are ready to carry on to the next step. Start sharing your website on different social media platforms! Watch more and more people enter your site over night!


YehsBes’ platform is brilliant, and well known around the web, this allows people to find your website on different search engines easily. 

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