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YeshBe offers a great platform, when it comes to helping small businesses build attractive and engaging online stores we are the place to go to.

All you need to do is choose your online store type, choose one of our brilliant ready-made templates, add products, sort out settings like shipping & tax. After that, you can start selling straightaway. Running your own online store has never been any easier.



Impressive Useful Features


Order tracking

Manage and track orders easily from one single platform with a conversion code.

Manage and keep track on your online store orders. This tool will help you keep track on where about leads are coming from. This important information can help you sort out your website and lead the flow of traffic straight to you. The conversion code tool with help you see what is selling and what’s not. This information is critical for your online stores success.



Get Paid Quick and Easy

YeshBe offers different payment platforms, such as Paypal and wire transfer payments. The different payment options with allow smooth transactions.

With YeshBe you can choose the payment platform that suits you most. For example, if you wish to work alongside Paypal, all that you have to do is connect your brilliant online store to your Paypal account. Keep in mind that you also have the option to get paid via wire transfer. It’s that easy, all you have to do enter your store settings and click in your bank details and start charging.



Shipping and Tax

Easy management of tax and shipping rates. Be sure to use our system to manage tax and shipping rates easily. We have made it simple for you, with YeshBe you can offer your customers a great service. Why not add shipping costs and different pick up spots to make it easier you clients use.

YeshBes online store builder has made it extremely easy for you to set shipping costs, locations and pickup points for your clients that will suit your customer’s needs according to their physical location. Try it out today!



Create Deals and Coupons

Offer discounts and great deals to customers easily. Who doesn’t love a great deal? With YeshBe you have the option to Give your clients special deals and coupons.

YeshBe offers you a fantastic option that allows you to create customized coupons for deals that you choose to offer your clients. These coupons and deals are a good way to catch potential customer’s eyes. Want more people to hear about your fab deals, all you have to do is advertise them via social media! Our system allows you to set your percentage or amount of cost you wold like to give.  It’s also easy to set the terms that these coupons can be used, such as amount and date of expiration. Give it ago now!


Management of store inventory

With the click of a few buttons, store inventory can be managed easily. With this great feature you can manage and keep track on your online store orders.

This tool will help you keep track on where about leads are coming from. This important information can help you sort out your website and lead the flow of traffic straight to you. The conversion code tool with help you see what is selling and what’s not. This information is critical for your online stores success. This amazing online system is easy to manage, we have made it simple for you to manage products. Just with a click  you can add and edit. YeshBe online store is great for anyone with a business that wishes to broaden their sales. YeshBe offers you the choice of manual or automatic store catalogue for easy sorting and storing.

Come join us today and start selling your goods.



Choice of Currencies

YeshBe provides a wide verity of different currencies. Choose your most preferred currencies to get paid. Make sure to pick your desired currency that suits your online store. Adding this tool is important as your online shop will be seen all around the world. All you need to do is enter your store settings and choose the desired currency and start selling your products!



Easy Product Management

You only need to get your products uploaded, add images and description. The best part is that you can use any device to make changes wherever necessary. In order to ensure that your target audience trust all of your offers, every site on the YeshBe platform has SSL feature integrated. You can easily accept payments using credit cards, PayPal, and other reputable online processing companies.

Product Option


This is a great way to show your customers that your product comes  in different variations. Such as Size and color. With YeshBe you have the option to set different product options for your online stores products. This helps you show off a product without having to duplicate it, therefore saving you time. Our system allows you to add as many product options as you need. This tool is a brilliant way to show off your product in all its different shapes, sizes and color. Adding this option with help your clients find exactly what they are looking for in an easy quick way.



Completely responsive design enables you to make sells from any device

The sites on this platform are highly interactive and responsive on any type of device. It means that regardless of the device your target audience is using, your site will still look very impressive.

Every of your existing and potential customers will be seeing all of your offers from their various devices.


24/7 live customer support

Have you got any technical issue about setting up your online store today? There is no need to panic as such challenge can always be resolved send us an email to -

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I begin building my online store?

How can I begin building my online store?

This isn’t difficult in any way. Just click on the button which says “Start Now”. After that, choose the Store Category and then start creating your own store. 

Is it possible for PayPal to be included as means of payment in my online store?

Of course it is very possible. YeshBe has made it possible for PayPal to be included as a means through which you can collect payments from customers. There are also other options for payments to add to give your site lots of flexibility.  

Can I include bank wire method of payment in my store?

This is very possible. All you have to do is get your payment details included. 

Is it possible for different currencies to be included in a store?

Yes of course, YeshBe has ensured that no stone is left unturned when it comes to meeting the needs of customers. Various currencies can be included in your store for receiving payments. 

Is it possible for conversion codes to be included in my store?

Yes of course. Conversion codes help you know how your business can be improved since they give you an idea about where clients are actually coming from. 

Can coupons be created?

Yes it is possible for coupons of your choice to be created. You can put expiration dates and percentage discounts to increase sales. 

What kind of products can I sell?

You can decide to sell digital or physical products. With our online store builder, you will be able to add products easily. 

Does every product have custom pricing? If there is, how can this be done?

The pricing for every product can be customized. Product options can also be added. Every product option has price value that can be added to the price tag of the base product.

Can shipping and tax rates be customized for every product?

This is possible as you can alter shipping as well as tax rates based on countries. Settings such as these are inside the store and can be easily adjusted anytime. 

What are the gateway companies that can be included in my ecommerce store?

3 gateway companies have been included by YeshBe such as Stripe, Braintree, and 2Checkout. These are the most reputable credit card processing companies in the world. They will ensure you can easily accept credit card payments on your site without hassle. 

Are sales of digital products possible? How can this be done?

Yes, digital products can be sold through YeshBe platform. For this to be done, you will need a gold or professional plan. After this has been done, uploading of your digital products will then become possible. Whenever your digital products have been paid for, the download link will be sent to a client. This link will be valid for 30days. 

Does my store have a store inventory system and how can this can be used?

There is a store inventory system that will enable you get your products tracked either manually or automatically. This ensures you are provided with a flexible option of getting your store set up just as wanted. 

Is there any difference between manual and automatic inventory search options? How can these be used?

Using the YeshBe platform, inventory can be searched either automatically or manually. Any of the options you decide to choose will help you to manage your inventory perfectly. 

What online store plan should I choose?

We have got various options for online store ranging from free option to gold. You will have more features available with a higher plan. With an advanced plan, payment methods can be accepted online. You will be able to sell digital products through the professional plan. The highest of them all is gold plan package which enables you to process orders. 

Which of the plans do I need to choose to start accepting online payments?

An advanced plan or something higher will enable you accept payments from PayPal. A professional plan or one which is higher will enable you accept use of credit cards on your store.

Do you guys take the transaction fees generated from my store?

We don’t take any transaction fee. Therefore, feel free to make sales as much as possible. 

Is it possible for different payment options to be integrated into my store all at once?

This is possible as you can use credit cards, PayPal, bank wire and others. These will even provide your customers with various payment options.

What are the types of coupons which can be created?

It is possible for different coupons to be created. These could be specific sum or percentage coupons. It is also possible for specific time to be set for coupons. It is also possible for you to set coupons to be used for a given number of times. It means you will be offering different deals to potential and existing customers.

Can multiple images be added to my store?

This is very possible as you can add as many images as possible. Images can also be stylized to create different effects in your customers.

Reviews and Testimonials

“In case you are just starting out in the world of ecommerce business, YeshBe is the best platform to be. This is because you can kick start your online business today without any IT knowledge or skills. The customer support is superb given their timely responses to all of my questions. They also have different templates that you can make use of. The best part is that the features are regularly updated. It is cost – effective and will give you good value for money spent”. 

Peter Murray

“This is the easiest website designing platform I have used online. The professional technicians are also great when it comes to providing adequate support to stranded customers. I haven’t looked back after finding this website building platform”.

Christi Prettyman

“This is one company that I highly recommend when it comes to website hosting. Through the step – by – step help provided by its support team, I was able to successful transfer my  website from another hosting company without stress. The quick responses and timely assistance that I have gotten can’t be traded for anything in the world”.

Jessica Coronado.
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