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This is a great way to schedule the releases of your posts


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How do I get started?

it’s so simple. Make your blog for free using our amazing website building system. Get started by pressing the START NOW button and get going. Then different choices of websites will appear and you’ll need to click on the BLOG button. wants you’ve chosen the blog button, enter your details and then your ready to start choosing your blogs design. 

Can I make money with my blog?

Yes. YeshBe offers you the option to sell merchandise online, get paid via advertising or why not join our free affiliate program.

Can my blog have a domain?

Yes. You can get a domain at a low cost for your blog that will allow you to connect with all our servers. What’s great is that you will receive a free email address that will be specific for your blog. 

Does my blog get hosted and if so where?

Yes. Your unique blog with be web hosted on YeshBes server network. You can be sure that all your blogs content will be safe and secure with YeshBe.

Do you offer free blog templates?

Yes. YeshBe offers you a wide range of blog templates.

How is the comment system?

it’s great, this tool is free, and allows your readers leave comments on your blog. This is brilliant if you are looking to engage in a conversation with your blog readers.

Can I manage and confirm blog comments?

Yes. You can do this manually or chose in your settings to have this done automatically. 

How is YeshBe different from wordpress blogs?

YeshBe is different as you  not only create your own blog but host it on the same platform. 

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