Building an Online Store

Why Invest in It and What Are the Benefits of Building an Online Store?

1. Sales across the country - If you have a physical store, you probably know that whoever comes to it is usually just people walking by that live nearby in the neighborhood. It is true that if your marketing and advertising work is good and professional, there is a high chance that people from outside will come especially to you. In contrast, building online stores allows you to make sales across the country, from south to north. Keep in mind that you will need to contact a professional courier company that will deliver the goods for your customers, but we all know that most online stores charge a certain amount on the delivery depending on the customer's location.

2. Time Layout - If a physical store is open for limited hours usually from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, when you invest in building an online store, you expand your activity in terms of hours and availability. Your store can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like that. It’s a kind of money machine that works for you all the time. So why would we limit our customers to the physical store for certain hours if we can actually allow our customers to make a purchase at your amazing online store throughout the whole day, at their convenience.

3. Low operating costs - Every business owner who owns a physical store understands how big a financial investment it is.Employees, security cameras, rent, property taxes, electricity, water, taxes, inventory maintenance - these are just some of the expenses of a physical store. In contrast, building an online store saves you all these expenses. No matter how many people enter your physical store, the costs are the same. Conversely, when you invest in building an online store, you save thousands of dollars a month. It is true that you need to advertise and market your online store, but here too you can get targeted and low cost advertising which will expose your customers to a large number of users. When we compare a physical store to an online store, we compare setup and related expenses as two separate expenses. When it comes to internet advertising costs and a real physical store advertising Costs, we understand that advertising costs on the web are much cheaper. In addition, network advertising is targeted advertising, segmented according to our target audience. Unlike regular billboards, radio, TV press, online advertising brings with it another variety of benefits. We pay for the campaign by click, by the level of exposure to our ads, and by performing site actions.

Building an Online Store - Do You Need a Physical Store to Open One?

Many people who are interested in building an online store ask two questions that are very important in this process. Questions that actually need to be answered professionally and fully. The first question is one that is asked by people who do not have a physical store and want to build an online store. They ask if they need a physical store in order to sell online. The second question is one that is asked by people who have a physical store and want to build an online store. They are actually asking whether the construction of the online store will actually help them to increase the sales of their store, and whether they have a physical store, can they also contribute to the management and success of the virtual store? Two super important questions that need to be addressed.


And here is the answer to the first question and is: Do I need a real store to sell on the Internet?

The answer is no. No physical store is needed to sell on the web. In the past, everyone used to set up a real physical store and then basically expand through the Internet. Today we are witnessing a new phenomenon, many people first open an online store. What does it actually give them? They start selling all over the country and even the world with high availability and have no physical store and most don't even plan to set one up. So, as mentioned, the answer to the first question is no. There is no need for an existing physical store to set up a digital store on the network as well. There are plenty of online business stores that have been successful in selling on the Internet and only after many years did they decide to create a physical store. Yet, some don't think about it because they just don't need one.

Here is the answer to the second question, is it possible that an online store can contribute to my business?

 Well, the answer to that question is yes. A physical store also helps sell online. This means that if you already have a physical store, it will be much easier for you to run your digital store. The word easy does not refer to the operational aspect of the store or its management because this is something that can be learned, but on the logistical and operational side. What does this exactly mean? After all, in the physical store you have inventory, maybe even a warehouse through which you manage that inventory. You know how to work with suppliers, you know how to handle customers correctly, you know how to deliver.
In addition, your business already exists and is registered, you also pay taxes and salaries, you live in the sales world and all you have to do is just build a professional online digital store and not limit yourself. You could actually say that just as there are stores opening more branches around the state, that's how the online store is your digital branch. In fact, we now know that a virtual store is a business for everything. There is no need to keep a physical store in addition to the digital store. You can only sell online. But, if you happen to already have a physical store, rather take advantage of your knowledge, take advantage of your existing inventory and also go online to the internet, it's called thinking big.


In what areas can you build an online store?

Wow, honestly there is no end to it. Basically in every possible field. Here are some examples of areas where online stores can be opened.

Sports Equipment and Sporting Goods and Exercise - Various types of sports goods such as running sportswear, swimming sportswear, yoga clothing, children's sportswear, sports equipment for all types of sports such as surfing equipment or TRX equipment can be sold over the Internet.

Fashion - Clothing of all kinds, from clothes made of organic materials such as cotton, clothing for events such as dresses to representative clothing for work.

Pharmacy - You can set up an online shop selling a variety of dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines, pharmaceuticals, aesthetics, makeup, hair products, body care and more.

Home Decor - Furniture, mattresses, vases, carpets, complementary home decor accessories such as pillows or curtains for example.


Medical Supplies - Products that help solve inflammation, braces, insoles, heating stickers, hot pads and more.

Art - Posters, Photos, Art Products, Handmade Furniture.

Books - Novel Books, Thrillers, Overseas Books, Collectibles, Children's Books, Play Books.

Baby Products- Toys, Baby Development Products.

Music - Musical instruments of all kinds.

Classes - Tabs for classes for both adults and children.

Workshops - Cooking, Creative, Digital Workshops, Mindfulness Workshops, Yoga Workshops and more…


Important tips to know about building an online store

As with any field, building an online store also has some tips you should know before you get started. The first and perhaps most important tip you need to implement before opening an online store is to ask yourself who your customers are. Are your customers looking for low priced products, are they looking for a winning customer service? In short - who are your customers and what they want and need. The second question you want to ask is where you want to open your store. Which countries do you want to sell and want to give users access to? Every country has its own trading scene so it is something that you have to take into consideration.


There are different sellers, different products and different customers everywhere. You need to understand the barriers to entry in any trading area. You should start from one area and from there continue to grow. If we take Amazon for example, we understand that the sales commission is very high and therefore worth selling only products with a very large profit. You should also check if the prices you are offering can be competitive in the area of your choice. Take into account all the expenses, even ones you know less about. All the expenses you are supposed to put into the pricing of an online product.


Building Online Stores - How Does It Work and How Does Every System Work?

There are quite a few methods and systems through which you can start building your store. One of the well-known platforms for building online stores is through the WordPress system. The same system on which most people in the world build a website. This system usually incorporates a plugin called WooCommerce. This is a free system that allows you to build an online store. It's usually used by people who have already experienced website building before and are now experimenting with building an online store. Wordpress has a variety of benefits such as the ability to sell almost all types of products such as digital products, fashion products, physical products while fully controlling everything that is going on in your store.


Another benefit of building online stores through WordPress is that you can choose what type of design you like, incorporate extensions to support the promotion process, adapt your system to mobile and everything at a relatively low price compared to other systems. But, as with anything, even in a smart system like WordPress there are quite a few drawbacks like the problematic of its operation without the right extensions alongside the fact that you have to constantly be on the trigger and update these extensions.

Additional systems or infrastructure through which you can build an online store

Shopify - One of the successful online store building platforms is called Shopify. A digital e-commerce platform that is based on the cloud principle and fits small and medium businesses. The platform was established in 2004 by Scott Lake, Daniel Winand and Tavias Lutka with the desire to establish a shop that sells snowboard equipment. It has been making history ever since. The main advantage of shopify is that you don't need to know anything about programming or design. You can manage the store, operate it, execute everything from ordering, shipping, payment and inventory management with ease.

Amazon - Almost everyone knows that Amazon is considered to be the world's most developed and successful retail shopping site. Tens of millions of customers are on Amazon all the time. As the sales process began to sell books, Jeff Bezos's leadership led the site to a considerable expansion and today you can buy almost any product you think of. In fact, today each and every one of us can open an online store on Amazon's infrastructure and there are loads of online tutorials that show you exactly how to do it step by step. One of the advantages of this method is that your reputation doesn’t  really play a role here.

Wix - until recently, Wix was known as a great system for building image sites, today the infrastructure of an online store can also be built on it. Easy construction, choice from a variety of designs, responsive templates, low cost, no sales fees and more.


Of course, there are quite a few options when it comes to building online stores like building a Batsy store, building a conimbo shop, building a store in eBay and all kinds of platforms. The second part of our guide focuses on an innovative and unique system for building online stores that is at the very beginning and looks like the next promising thing in the field. A combination of an ingenious idea with technology makes YeshBe a system for building an advanced virtual store all around the world.



YeshBe - Build Online Stores

So we've explained a bit about the benefits of building a store and the fact that if you already have an existing physical store and still don't maximize its Internet penetration, you're just missing out. We've realized that there is quite a variety of systems and platforms through which you can build and manage your store when each system has, of course, the advantages over its disadvantages. The developers of YeshBe, have chosen to take this whole field of online store building one step further and make the process as simple as possible.

So YeshBe is basically a super-advanced system or platform for building online stores. One of the concerns that accompanies us in deciding whether to start a store has to do with our experience and knowledge. Luckily with YeshBe there is no need for prior technical knowledge. The system allows you to choose what your store will look like from a variety of existing design templates and all you or you need to do to get your store up is to put the content in.


Building an Online Store - What Are the Benefits of YeshBe and What Does the System Allow You to Do on Your Own?

Design Templates - With YeshBe you can customize exactly the template you want according to your brand characteristics. The templates are suitable for small or medium stores. Through the templates you can also brand your store and add a variety of elements.

Payment - One of the most important things in building an online store is the whole payment issue. The YeshBe store comes with an instant payment option without having to deal with this process. You can connect to the payment system with the click of a button, fill in the required details and start selling. It has never been easier to sell on a digital store.

Building a web shop that is also responsive - Anyone who understands the web knows that a responsive site is properly promoted in the Google search engine and on the one hand increases the amount of exposure along with increasing the percentage of sales. With YeshBe you can totally be relaxed. Establishing the store perfectly fits the world of smartphones and tablets because we all know where our surfers are. There is no need to prepare in advance and as soon as the store rises it will fit any device according to its screen size.                                                              

Secure information - super important. Once you choose YeshBe, you will enjoy a shop that comes with a super advanced security system, the option to execute SSL and clear the payment page directly.

Feature Changes - With YeshBe you get full access and you can change what you want on your site. Whether it is while building an online store or later on after the store is up. You do not depend on any external factor.

Accessibility for people with disabilities - Another super important factor that influences the web store and its promotion process in the Google search engine and also allows the store's exposure level to be increased. An online store built on the YeshBe system allows the site to be accessed by people with disabilities and gives them the option to make an easy and convenient purchase.

Domain - Creating an online store with YeshBe allows you to purchase a unique domain. Your store will be on a domain that only characterizes you and it's much easier than you think.

Languages ​​- Through the YeshBe system you can build your store according to your context language. In fact, you can allow the site to make adjustments and connections automatically according to the guest language. With YeshBe you can build an online store that will also be valid anywhere in the world.

Organic friendly SEO - An online store built on YeshBe's system offers a tailored website optimization process that allows you to search efficiently and conveniently. This way you optimize your presence on the web and place the store in a relevant place in the search engine.


So, if you have been debating which system to choose to build your next online store, we hope we have answered all your questions. If you have anymore questions or things you would like to know about the process of building an online store with YeshBe, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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